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Squadron News 27 February 2019

posted Feb 27, 2019, 11:32 AM by Web Admin
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Please have a final headcount for family members and cadets to the squadron tonight along with $16 per family member. The cadets tickets are being paid for by the squadron.

Information regarding the March 10 Rochester Americans Game:
Arrival:  beginning at 1400 (2:00pm), but no later than 1430 (2:30pm). Blue Cross Arena.

Location to meet: Entrance between Amerks store and ticket window (to the right of stairs where fans enter and go up to seats).

Uniform: Each unit should confirm whether the cadets participating in the color guard have short sleeve dress blue uniform.  There should be 2 cadets from each squadron with the exception of Condor, which only has 1 Cadet attending.  Make sure we have a third cadet from one of the other two squadrons to fill in.  The remaining cadets should where dress blue uniform unless they do not have that uniform.  Then ABU, BDU uniform is acceptable.

Equipment:  Each Squadron should bring their Squadron flag and color guard belt and flag holder (white), and white gloves.  Canandaigua Composite Squadron will supply the rifles.

Forms:  Each cadet must have form CAPF 60-80 (formerly CAPF 32 Parent Permission Slip) and Emergency Information form (CAPF 161), as well as their CAP ID.

Please have each squadron commander collect the $16 per attendee ahead of time and have an envelope with exact amount enclosed.  On the envelope should be a list of each cadet and how many tickets they are getting and the total enclosed for each cadet.  I need the count for each unit ASAP so I can pass this along to the Amerks, no later than Saturday, March 2.  The Commanders should bring the envelope on the day of the event.