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24 Hour Survivor FTX

posted Sep 8, 2014, 8:38 AM by Web Admin

Date: 11-12 Oct 2014
Location: 5847 Federal Rd, Conesus NY

This bivouac is open to all active Senior members and Cadets. Seniors, this training, or any survival training, is recommended but not a must. Cadet attendance will be at the Squadron Commanders discretion of the Cadets ability level.

This training can also be a benefit to our pilots. Pilots may attend and bring only what they would have on the aircraft if they ever have to ditch.  

This bivouac will involve an overnight with the training of the teams that could not get back to base. Each team member will only carry 24 hr gear. Their gear should not be set up for just this one mission, but maybe set up for the season. Pilots may try to work this with just equipment on the aircraft keeping in mind the weather and seasonal conditions. Everyone must arrive ready to go into the field with all gear set up, this is to include full hydration systems and food. All gear must be contained within the 24 hr pack, you will be carrying everything you bring for an extended period of time.

Training will consist of ground teams using a DF to locate an ELT in the bivouac area, and what to do at a crash site.  Everyone will build a shelter for the night, the better ones may be left up to see how they do for the next year. Each team member will be required to bring food for 3 meals. Team members will be required to manage their own trash, carry in/carry out, and leave no trace will be followed.  

Members will meet at 0800 hrs at the above location. Pickup time will be between 1100 to 1200 hrs on Sunday.
Form 31’s are due NLT 5-Oct-14 to Capt. Falbo. All members will be required to have a completed Form 161 on them at all times. There is no cost for this bivouac.

 Send forms to:    Capt. Joel Falbo, CAP
                            424 West Ave
                            Newark NY 14513